Our Mission

Woodrow Kroll Ministries (WKM) is the organization under which Dr. Woodrow Kroll teaches the Word and touches the world. WKM can be identified both by ministry description and legal status.

Ministry Description

Woodrow Kroll Ministries provides the platform for a world-class Bible teacher to engage in world-wide Bible teaching. Firmly convinced that God only wrote one book and equally convinced that book is infallible and inerrant, WKM connects people with the Author of the Bible through the teaching of the Bible.

What Best Describes WKM?

Although there are many appropriate descriptors, four main characteristics distinguish Woodrow Kroll Ministries. We are:


  • not quasi-Christian, mainly Christian or liberal Christian. We are unashamedly Christian. WKM is conservative in belief and practice. We espouse Christian values based on Christian doctrine as found in the Bible.


  • since there are some religious belief systems that fall under the umbrella of “Christian” but do not adhere to all the teachings of the Bible, it is important to further describe WKM as biblical in every sense of the Word. We hold the Bible to be the ultimate authority in our lives and that no entity, governmental or religious, has equal authority over the lives of people.


  • the quality of being sound and adhering to a specific code, WKM exhibits integrity in its conduct-personal, financial, social and moral. Woodrow Kroll insisted that a ministry be formed that met both the legal requirements of a non-profit corporation and be governed by a board of individuals whose integrity could guide the decisions of the ministry.


  • upon which everything rises or falls, is essential for the hand of God’s blessing on a ministry. Woodrow Kroll has maintained impeccable character throughout 50+ years of ministry. Perhaps the verses he has quoted most-frequently are Psalm 24:3-4, “Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart…” Those verses characterize our Bible teacher.


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