Select Quotes by Woodrow Kroll

For those who need encouragement.

“The God who dwells on the mountains also inhabits the valleys.”

“You may not be important to everyone, but you are important to God. Why else would He be thinking about you right now?”

“When you do battle with unseen forces, don’t forget you also have unseen friends.” }For those who need comfort.

“When you’re all alone, when your way is dark, when the daylight fades into the shades of deep night, cling tightly to the eternal truth that Jesus cares for you.”

“If the largeness of one’s heart is determined by the number of people for whom we genuinely care, how big must God’s heart be?”

“If you have failed the Lord, if you’ve given into temptation, if you’re a moral mess, don’t despair. Jesus deeply cares for you and wants to help. He came to give you life … life more abundant.”

For those who need to be convicted.

“Bible illiteracy is not a problem in the church. Bible illiteracy is the problem in the church.”

“We must be so sorry for our sin that we are broken by it, not just bent out of shape.”

“The surest way to drive an unsaved wife from the Lord is to be a man who has a Savior but acts like a man who needs one.”

For parents.

“Being a parent is both a huge responsibility and a joyous pleasure. Finding the right balance between these two is the making of a good parent.”

“The reason Satan so easily influences our children may be he has so much influence over their parents.”

“If I don’t like my children provoking me and pushing me to the limit as a parent, imagine how God the Father must feel with the number of children He has.”

For pastors.

“Preaching is the primary function of the pastor. When was the last time you said to your pastor, ‘Thanks, Pastor, for preaching the Word’?” }”Is your pastor a man of many books or a man of the Book?”

“Christians would be far less anxious to hear the application to the pastor’s sermon if they understood that applying truth simply means obedience.” }For church leaders.

“If you want to rule, learn to serve. If you want to lead, learn to follow. If you want to succeed, learn to make others succeed.”

“God’s laborers aren’t few today because God has miscalculated the need, but because the laborers have miscalculated the consequences.”

“When we’re too busy for God, we’re busier than He intended us to be.” }For everyone who attends church.

“The things God is passionate about for His Church aren’t always the same things the church is passionate about.”

“I fear for the fate of reverence in the church today. Any congregation that fails to imbibe the inexpressible majesty of the LORD God in their worship will be left with nothing but praise.”

“When we adopt the ways of the world into the worship of the church the end result isn’t a contemporary church but a worldly one.”

For those who just need a little humor.

“When you are young you choose your cereal for the toy. When you are middle age you choose your cereal for the fiber. When you are old, someone chooses your cereal for you.”

“The difference between a rumor and Turkish coffee is that one has no grounds.”

“The scariest thing about old age is to realize that our children are running the country and their children are intent on voting them out of office.”

For anyone who speaks publically or teaches a Bible study.

“We increase our boldness to share God’s Word when we increase our conviction of its truthfulness.”

“You’ll never be all that God wants you to be until you make available to Him all that you are right now.”

“Once saved we immediately need to identify God’s spiritual gift(s) to us, because whatever God put in us, He expects to get out of us.”

And just for you.

“The search for significance is the most significant search of mankind. But if our significance is found in insignificant things, our search is itself insignificant.”

“Many people are willing to do what God wants-until He wants something from them.”

“If God makes us successful because He delights in us, we should concentrate our efforts on being delightful, not successful.”

“If the King is in residence, be sure to fly His flag.”

“Success without God is an illusion, a bubble floating toward a waiting pin.”

“If we Christians spent as much time in prayer as we do watching the news, maybe we’d change the news.”

“The man who bows the lowest in the presence of God stands the straightest in the presence of sin.”

“Facts do not change; feelings do. One thing feelings do not change is the facts.”

“Those who fail to pray because they don’t feel close to God may not feel close to God because they fail to pray.”

“The world may have many religions, but it still has only one Savior.”

“Life is short and eternity is sure. Some people are making an eternal mark, while others are just writing in the sand.”

“Self-righteousness is the sin of a shriveled soul.”

“I work for God. I’m in customer relations.”

“Anywhere. At any time. To anyone. At any cost.”

“Death is not the end of your journey. It’s more like changing planes to a connecting flight where you get bumped up to first class forever.”

“God can forgive any sin except the one you refuse to acknowledge.”

“Revival is the unplanned, unpredictable, sometimes even unprepared for movement of the Spirit of God among His people that quickens such a sense of shame for sin that genuine confession is followed by genuine Christianity.”

“Enroll in life. Show up for class. Participate. Don’t audit the course.”

“When you’re at the end of your rope, you’d better know who is holding the other end.”

“To people of faith, the question “Where is your God?” needs no answer. To people without faith, this question has no answer.”

“We do a disservice to God when all that is negative engulfs us and all that is positive escapes us.”

“If everybody blew the dust off their Bibles at the same time, we’d all be killed in the dust storm.”

“Prayer works best when nothing else works at all.”

Taken from KROLLQUOTES. Timely, topical, tenacious and touching quotes from the radio and writing ministry of Woodrow Kroll.


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