Back To The Bible

In this ground-breaking, challenging, encouraging, and practical menu for reading, understanding and applying the Bible, Back to the Bible provides a cogent discussion of the problem and meaningful answers for the believer hungry for more in his or her walk with God.

Retail Price: $18.99  Our Price: $15.00   {224 pages; Hardback}



Facing Your Final Job Interview

Every follower of Christ will one day stand before the judgment seat of Christ, the most important event in a Christian’s future. Facing Your Final Job Review brings together what the Bible says about this heavenly courtroom, eternal rewards and salvation.

Retail Price: $18.99  OUR Price: $15.00    {245 pages; Softcover}



How To Find God In The Bible

Do you struggle with the Bible, wondering how to find God in the pages of His Word? In How To Find God In The Bible, you will be taken on a fascinating journey of personal discovery uncovering insights and encountering the God you’ve been looking for all along.

Retail Price: $17.99  Our Price: $10.00    {202 pages; Softcover}



Kroll Quotes

Words that are like “apples of gold” must be true, they must be timely, and most importantly they must be memorable. Kroll Quotes is a unique collection of pithy phrases, wise words, and quotable quotes that come from Woodrow Kroll, one of America’s premier Bible teachers.

Retail Price: $16.49  Our Price: $13.00    {251 pages; Softcover}




We’re all on a personal quest for spirituality. What’s the secret? Where do you look? There are so many options. Which one is right for you? Marginalized cuts through the clutter of spiritual dead-end streets and takes you to what God Himself said about how you can find real spirituality.

Retail Price: $15.49  Our Price: $13.00    {201 pages; Softcover}



People In The Bible

This is a gift book – beautifully designed and printed. You will thrill to encounter 125 heroes, villains and ordinary souls in the Bible. Meet people up close and person from Athaliah to Zerubbabel and people in between, some very familiar (Daniel, Mary) and others much less familiar (Hushai, Mephibosheth).

Retail Price: $14.99  Our Price: $12.00    {287 pages; Hardback}



Places In The Bible

From A to Z, get ready to explore 125 cities, villages and “ordinary” places of the Bible. Many will be familiar to you; some will not, but each has a story to tell. When you read of these places, become a part of that story. Enter into what’s happening. Find God there. That’s how to make Bible places, your places.

Retail Price: $14.99  Our Price: $12.00    {287 pages; Hardback}



The Road To Heaven

This spiral-bound, 32 devotional study on the Book of Romans will help you both grasp the great Christian doctrines that are so rich in this book and at the same time have your faith challenged, stretched and most of all strengthened as you study this essential book of the Bible.

Retail Price: $12.99  Our Price: $10.00    {171 pages; Spiral-bound}



7 Secrets To Spiritual Success

Many Christians have their feet firmly planted on the race to heaven but they are still at the starting gate. As country preacher Vance Havner used to say, “How long you’ve been a Christian only tells how long you’ve been on the road. It doesn’t tell how far you’ve come.” The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way!

Retail Price: $18.99  Our Price: $15.00    {184 pages; Hardback}



Steroids For Your Soul

The Psalms have buoyed the spirits of God’s people for ages. But are you missing the best the Psalms has to offer? Steroids For Your Soul will help you to dig into the Psalms, draw precious spiritual nutrients from them, and guide you in a daily reading plan to read every verse of the Psalms in one year.

Retail Price: $20.99  Our Price: $17.00    {382 pages; Softcover}



Taking Back The Good Book

The subtitle of this book is “How America Forgot the Bible and Why It Matters to You.” Bible illiteracy is a 21st century plague in America. Taking Back the Good Book not only documents the problem but it provides practical solutions on how each of us can improve our personal Bible literacy.

Retail Price: $19.99  Our Price: $16.00    {222 pages; Hardback}


Bible Basics

Bible Basics is not one book, it is a packet of 6 booklets which together give you a mini-library on topics that people want to know about the Bible. If you teach a Bible study these books make great subject matter for your study. Use them at home, in your church, or wherever.

Retail Price: $24.99  Our Price: $18.00    {188 pages (22-44 pages each); Booklet}


Our Passionate God

This perpetual flip calendar contains a quote a day from Dr. Kroll’s 23 years of radio broadcasts while he was President and Senior Bible Teacher for Back to the Bible. You can use it year after year because there are not specific dates. After you enjoy one day, just flip it to the next.

Retail Price: $12.99  Our Price: $8.00  SALE Price: $6.00    {183 pages; Spiral-bound}


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